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OpenMatrix Overview

The OpenMatrix Language provides all scientists, technologists, engineers, & mathematicians (i.e., people in STEM fields) with open access to a powerful matrix-based computational engine. OpenMatrix Language can be used as-is or extended in just about any way imaginable – by adding specialized functions, algorithms, and libraries and by leveraging those contributed by others in the community. The goal is to enable collaboration to accelerate innovation, computationally!

Use OpenMatrix for

  • Performing mathematical computations
  • Accessing a rich library of built-in functions
  • Developing your own custom functions & toolboxes
  • Testing and improving new algorithms
  • Collaborating with other community members
  • Sharing ideas & knowledge, including your own custom toolboxes

What's New

OpenMatrix 1.0.13 is now available.

Download the new version here!

Use Case / Workflow

workflow diagram

Note that the OpenMatrix Language can be used in multiple modes:

  • Standalone manually by using the console to enter computation or programming commands one line at a time
  • Standalone automated by using the console to sequentially execute multiple commands stored in a file
  • Combined together with an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) and/or a plotting tool such as, for example, Atom and gnuplot, respectively.

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