Using OpenMatrix with Atom

Atom is a powerful text editor that supports customization and external packages.

The Atom package included with OpenMatrix automatically adds OpenMatrix support in Atom.
  1. Install Atom.
  2. Once Atom is installed, move the Atom package provided in the OpenMatrix installation into your Atom folder.
    1. On Windows, the package must be placed into C:\Users\<usersname>\.atom\packages.
    2. On Linux, it must be placed into /home/.atom/packages.
    Note: The Atom package is in the folder oml-package, found in the OpenMatrix installation folder.
  3. To use OpenMatrix in Atom, you need to reconfigure it.
    1. Start Atom.
      A new OML menu is added.

      Figure 1.
  4. From the OML settings, set the following paths:
    1. The OML executable path to omlconsole.exe
    2. The OML toolboxes file path to the OML script loadtoolboxes.oml.

      Figure 2.
  5. An OML command window is displayed.
    OpenMatrix can be used in Atom, including to the Atom capabilities available to handle the OML files.