Using OpenMatrix on Windows

  1. After installing, invoke OpenMatrix in Console mode using one of the following three options listed below.
    1. The desktop shortcut icon (if select during the installation).
    2. The Windows Start Menu item (Console).
    3. The run_omlconsole.bat file provided in the scripts/installation folder.
  2. At the prompt, enter any OML command (see the Reference Guide).
  3. You might need to adapt the run_omlconsole.bat file to specific paths on your machine. Specifically, OpenMatrix offers a bridge between OML and Python. This bridge is disabled by default.
  4. You can also pass an OML script as an argument to the .bat file using the -o option.
    For example, to start the Console and run myfile.oml:
    run_omlconsole.bat -o myfile.oml