Welcome to OpenMatrix

OpenMatrix is an open source project. To learn more about the OpenMatrix project, please visit https://www.openmatrix.org/.

OpenMatrix 1.0.9 includes the following new features and enhancements.

OML Commands and Functions

The following functions have been added to OpenMatrix 1.0.9:
  • gammainc and betainc
  • gammaln and betaln
  • nextpow2
  • nchoosek
  • mode
  • mad
  • ifftshift
  • isdiag, istril and istriu
  • ipermute
  • ctranpose
  • cellstr
  • properties and methods for objects
  • inputname

Resolved Issues

  • More options are available for lsqcurvefit.
  • Various performance enhancements when dealing with vectors, matrices and cells.
  • round supports a second argument to define the number of decimal places.
  • Support added for single-precision floating point numbers in MAT files.
  • Support added for matrix as input argument for pwelch.
  • An improved error message is issued if you use a variable that is not defined.
  • Overloading of :, ' and .' operators is allowed.
  • The clear variant -c to clear classes is now supported.
  • tfestimate now returns 3 transfer function estimates instead of only 1.
  • lasterr function provides more information about a line error if the verbose function is enabled.
  • eig performance improvement.
  • 2D cells can now be exported from OML to Python.
  • Support for events in Ordinary Differential Equations (ODE) functions.